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  1. Li Na and 30th seed Eugenie
  2. stion: How do you fix the Leafs? Ex
  3. Bay Hill record book, each r
  4. GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Vir pushing his sixth-ranked Cavali
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  10. ned the 1981 world silver med
  11. gainst the New York Rangers.Thornton
  12. ny as 20 in the fourth quar
  13. impressive display of attacking football. Benz
  14. last spring and summer, you saw his intellige
  15. s Monday, a day after the Pistons lost thei
  16. ter Monarchs of the American Hockey Lea
  17. points off the bench to lead the Sixers, who ret
  18. on said Saturday. The person spoke on the c
  19. ad two days later. Seattle also sign
  20. inst Korean skip Kim Jisun and didnt hold a
  21. e threat of the Top 14 side is obvious, with a rec
  22. utheastern Conference season fo
  23. d first-round pick Nik Stauskas
  24. a game-high 17 points as No. 1
  25. s Game looks at the As getting Jon Leste
  26. has finished no better than fourth in seven G
  27. h less than 10 minutes left in the game. The Lo
  28. ixth and eighth holes, and went 5 under whe
  29. poses Scott Feldman. ... Houston 2B Jos
  30. nandez-Castano, Derek Ernst, Sang-Moon B
  31. d Ander Herrera. Rooney will be back soon
  32. er 2015 in England, and hopes for a busier s
  33. nd after the early massive cheers for Belgiu
  34. arer things become the longer, and the more detailed
  35. to Manchester United on Dec. 14. The Reds w
  36. 6-2 3-6 6-3 victory over the British No 1.S
  37. 1-1 draw at Atletico Madrid is a muscle bruise in
  38. Night card at the Metro Centre. And the Canadia
  39. hats how its going to go in, then were doing a go
  40. a $35-million, five-year contract to be the D
  41. it again. Marielle Thompson of Whistler, B.
  42. cks won a series at home. Cody Ross hit his
  43. injured linebacker DeMeco Ryans
  44. vy Nausea (M.E.N, I believe, is the short for
  45. the signing of starting pitcher
  46. o be written off. Tristan Jarry made 26 sa
  47. e back in a familiar position at B
  48. st an appeal of his six-game suspension f
  49. about the two-game suspension he rece
  50. are interested in signing defender
  51. their ratification votes on a new lab
  52. own the field for a touchdown on i
  53. against the Seattle Sounders ha
  54. f faith, family and friends. Its hard to
  55. rookie defenceman Rasmus Ristolainen
  56. th a comfortable 6-4, 6-1 win against Teymuraz
  57. Montanes and Pablo Carreno Busta of
  58. e defending gold medalists now enter th
  59. runs have been officially cancelled and com
  60. ce of his career. Chavez (48-1-1) ha
  61. A penalty shot would then be awarded, wh
  62. thanks to Francisco Lirianos wild
  63. wore famously number 22). Quite possibly t
  64. extremely common among footbal
  65. NFL.com reported McDaniel agreeing to a two-y
  66. The Canadiens will welcome back Travi
  67. Kyle Bekker, Reggie Lambe, Jeremy Hall; for
  68. Chicago Cubs 8-3 victory over the Philadelphia Phillie
  69. n, according to NFL.com. Stanton was hoping
  70. first curler to advance to the Page playoff
  71. renka tumbled out of the BNP Paribas
  72. his Los Angeles Clippers teammates and c
  73. hington Capitals compressed most of thei
  74. bb has been activated from injured rese
  75. k youre the glue that binds Canadas
  76. nso Sorianos second home run of the night, a tie
  77. ackie Robinson broke baseballs c
  78. ootball team in the world for a fourth y
  79. way playoff to take the BMW Internati
  80. ated reliever Brian Wilson from th
  81. when he took over as president of the
  82. uggling power play, Buffalo Sab
  83. ction into the Hockey Hall of Fame clas
  84. s have placed running back Denard Robinso
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