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Why Slowing ICO Avalanche Benefits Blockchain’s Image

The onset of Blockchain into the world’s financial markets has brought with it many new ideas, introduced rapidly to wide-eyed market participants over the last few years. Despite how far we’ve come, however, all the progress we can currently boast about was predated by a simple product called...

Started by thetvbytesoft‎, 21-01-2019 04.12.44
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How Blockchain Would’ve Saved Bitcoin Gold, Can Stop Hackers

They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. This may prove to be true for Blockchain technology as well, particularly when it comes to new platforms. As has reported already, the recent Bitcoin ‘fork,’ Bitcoin Gold, was the victim of a DDoS attack on the very day it started. ...

Started by thetvbytesoft‎, 19-01-2019 05.19.18
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Why Aren’t Banks Giving Blockchain Startups Accounts ?

Life isn’t easy for a startup. As anyone who has tried it knows, it’s long hours, low pay, constant stress and a relentless march into the unknown. But, it’s even harder for cryptocurrency startups.

Started by thetvbytesoft‎, 18-01-2019 04.21.42
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Hong Kong and Singapore Will Launch Blockchain-Based

On Oct. 25, Hong Kong and Singapore announced that they are going to cooperate on a cross-border trade project based on Blockchain technology by linking their trade finance platforms. See also: What is Blockchain 2.0 Hong Kong and Singapore Will Launch Blockchain-Based Project to Link...

Started by thetvbytesoft‎, 17-01-2019 03.53.50
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Class Action vs case automobilistiche .

Class Action vs case automobilistiche . Rivolta a tutti quelli che hanno acquistato a rate l'auto tra il 2003 e 2017 . Possono pre-aderire a questa azione tutti i consumatori che (dal 17 giugno 2003 al 3 aprile 2017) abbiano acquistato uno o più veicoli con annesso finanziamento con una...

Started by boma‎, 16-01-2019 16.12.05
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NYSE files to list bitcoin ETFs, bringing cryptocurrency a step closer to mainstream

A bitcoin ETF took another step closer to reality after the NYSE filed with the SEC to list two funds tracking bitcoin futures. “A Very Important Step in Bitcoin’s History”: CME Pioneer Heralds New Asset Class Will ETF Become Bitcoin’s Holy Grail?

Started by thetvbytesoft‎, 15-01-2019 09.45.45
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Xbox Three-Hundred-And-Sixty Failure Is Diy Heal Guides

You should be able to design a popsocket personalize all name relating to your small fry in the actual stool as well as a paint these kinds of with a color for your children's choice. Buyers may drop it, go on it, spill steps on the software and using more. You can certainly explore this creativity...

Started by baidai66‎, 10-01-2019 09.03.12
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Anna perdonali , non sanno quello che fanno e dicono .

Al tutto si è aggiunto l'audio di Lotito in aereo ( " famò stà sceneggiata " ) resa pubblica oggi . Che dire ... viene spontaneo dire " se questo è un uomo " . Meglio : " se questi sono uomini " .

Started by boma‎, 25-10-2017 13.55.57
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UEFA's new ticketing system uses Blockchain technology

The European Football Federation (UEFA) has recently revealed the news of launching a new ticketing system based on blockchain technology. Now, people, especially football fans, are more curious about this news than the rumour of Lionel Messi quitting. UEFA ticketing system UEFA...

Started by thetvbytesoft‎, 28-12-2018 03.44.24
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Economics and Finance

As the economy is ceaselessly developing, the expansion in the pace of managing an account administrations will before long market the old framework. Substantial banking systems from everywhere throughout the world have discovered an answer in doing finance homework and plan to apply it to the...

Started by TerryLewis‎, 27-12-2018 08.47.12
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Ethereum's Blockchain for Austria government bonds

As the term “Blockchain” is gaining more and more popularity, the technology itself also becomes the firm favourite all across the world. Austria has recently expressed its desire to implement the technology. They will use blockchain Ethereum, but for what? This European country is...

Started by thetvbytesoft‎, 27-12-2018 03.07.50
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Canadian Government Agency develops Ethereum Blockchain Explorer

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) announced on Monday 20 August that the agency has been developing a search engine based on the world 2nd largest blockchain - Ethereum Blockchain. This Explorer, according to the press release, was developed through the Industrial Research Assistance...

Started by thetvbytesoft‎, 26-12-2018 08.44.50
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Things you should know before trading crypto

For many, the first entrance to the Crypto world is through digital currency Exchanges. Basically, this is the market that allows users to trade cryptocurrency into other assets, including fiat money or other digital assets. This new playground for trader has many similarities to the conventional...

Started by thetvbytesoft‎, 25-12-2018 03.54.44
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Festività 2018 !

Tanti auguri a tutti gli amici del forum per un Buon e Sereno Natale e per un 2019 di salute e prosperità !!

Started by mark61‎, 24-12-2018 18.30.28
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Criminals & Cryptocurrency: Can it be prevented ?

It's obvious that cryptocurrency and its peer-to-peer network brings great benefits to users while ensuring transparency and security. It public blockchain records information of all transactions made, including identifiable account numbers, transaction dates, and conversion rates. See also:...

Started by thetvbytesoft‎, 24-12-2018 03.50.26
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If the bear market for Ethereum ends

If you are an investor and ERC20 token seems to have great potential for you, this will be a good time to pay close attention to these tokens. From September 7 to September 27, 2018, an observation of 574 ERC20 tokens was conducted on the Ethereum One dataset for 20 days. The observation included 2...

Started by thetvbytesoft‎, 22-12-2018 03.41.52
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Cryptocurrency Market - We need law !

The sentence “ignorance is bliss” often come up at some point in our lives, but it’s not alway true, especially in the world of finance. See also: Blockchain application in Finance

Started by thetvbytesoft‎, 21-12-2018 03.06.53
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Will Bitcoin Become the New Gold for Cryptocurrency Age? (part 2)

3. Exchange and fee In this case, Bitcoin has a number of advantages over gold. This is mainly because of the anonymous feature of the Blockchain technology. In some cases, however, this could encourage illegal activities. The fact that Bitcoin uses Blockchain technology makes it better...

Started by thetvbytesoft‎, 20-12-2018 03.10.55
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Will Bitcoin Become the New Gold for Cryptocurrency Age? (part 1)

Bitcoin is ready to the throne Bitcoin VS gold? Although it doesn’t seem right to compare the digital asset with gold, we cannot deny that there are similarities between them. As the No.1 cryptocurrency Bitcoin is gaining more and more popularity, many believe that Bitcoin will be the gold...

Started by thetvbytesoft‎, 19-12-2018 03.32.14
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Gemini to expand to the UK

The Winklevoss twins’ Gemini has revealed its plan to spread its operation to the UK despite regulation uncertainties. According to The Financial Times, the strategy has been reviewed by various advisors Moreover, an application to the UK regulatory authority is said about to be filed. ...

Started by thetvbytesoft‎, 18-12-2018 03.18.34
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