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Hello everybody! My name is Kevin. The place where I live is located in Chicago at 4600 Wilcox. I am an inspector for five years now and watching NHL is my hobby. I work in the Historic Dept Of Environment and I like it. I need to tell you that the hardest kind of investigations are Solid Waste Inspections. Perhaps that is the reason why I will always remember the investigation nr DOEINS110515 in Mannheim Rental Equipment on 08/26/2005. This is the official report of the aforementioned checkup: upon arriving at 4600 w wilcox st (on a fly-dumping complaint from 08/24/05), i observed about 10 cubic yards of broken concrete slabs at the end of the street, adjacent to railroad tracks & property the complainant was anonymous, but did get a plate number the vehicle which did the fly dumping had plate il 12074 mh later on in the day, i went to the chicago police 10th district station, & had the plates ran the information on the plates came out as the vehicle being a dump truck that was registered to mannheim rental equipment, of 3231 n mannheim rd franklin park il 60131 we will go & cite the company for their involvement for the incident & get any more information note: on august 31, 2005, investigator robertson & i went to mannheim rental equipment to cite the company we talked to lawrence gotthardt, the owner of the company about the incident prior to this date, we got the information on the actual fly-dumper & operator of the dump truck, through another fly-dumping incident & arrest of the culprit trying to flee chicago police the fly-dumpers name is norman b zblewski of 238 s 13th ave maywood il 60153 he was trying to fly-dump again at 4624 w wilcox st on 08/28/05 but was confronted by a witness, willie lee williams, of 4628 w wilcox st while trying to flee, mr zblewski damaged several vehicles & injured mr williams mr williams called chicago police, & cpd pursued mr zblewski through the westside & into maywood il cpd then contacted maywood police & maywood police arrested mr zblewski & handed him over to chicago police where they then arrested him, charged him with several counts & impounded the dump truck nonetheless we issued lawrence gotthardt the owner of mannheim rental equipment with citation e000006004 12 for dumping on real estate without a permit (7-28-440) & for treatment & disposal of solid waste (11-4-1500) we also issued them citation e000006005 13 for nuisance in connection with a business (7-28-080) & for owner responsible for removal (7-28-450) the hearing date will be on december 15, 2005 at 2:00 p m at 400 w superior st note: on october 27, 2005, investigator robertson & i went to circuit court, branch 43-2 at 9:00 a m at 3150 w flournoy for mr zblewski's criminal hearing on the incident, to serve him citations for the fly-dumping he committed when we got there we talked to the assistant states attorney prosecuting the cases & she told us that he was incarcerated for other felony offenses & his hearing date will be continued for 11/03/05 at 9:00 a m & will be brought court that date mr gotthardt of mannheim rental equipment showed up to court, but the complaining witness mr willie lee williams did not show up on november 3, 2005 we went to the continuance hearing at 9:00 a m , but heard that mr zblewski was still incarcerated & is not coming out of jail because of more severe charges including selling narcotics, so the states attorney's office dropped the fly-dumping charges & is going to prosecute mr zblewski on the more severe charges mr gotthardt showed to court, but once again mr williams, the complaining witness, did not show up because the fly-dumping charges were drop & we could not serve mr zblewski with any citations for fly-dumping, mr willie lee williams will not be able to collect any reward for the turning & prosecution of a fly dumper . Ok, that's it, later!


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