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Greetings! I'm Frank and I would love to tell you something about me. I am a teacher in Kurt Hahn Expeditionary Learning School which is located in Brooklyn at 5800 Tilden Avenue, NY 11203. It is a popular high school with 288 students and I think that all of them love me! Just like I love basketball! All kidding aside, I feel that it is fantastic that we provide plenty extracurricular activities, for example: Sculpture, Painting and Graphics Arts Program; Digital Video Production, Meditation, Digital Music and Animation Training, Girls Empowerment Group, Kurt Hahn 'Chronicle' (Newspaper), Kurt Hahn Radio, Kurt Hahn TV, Opening Act Drama, Outdoor Adventure, Peer Mediation, Peer Tutoring, Rock Climbing, Student Activities Committee, Brotherhood Young Men's Mentoring Program, Iron Chef Cooking, New York Cares Community Service, Student Activism, Poetry Slam, Gardening Program, Animal Rescue Group, Yearbook.


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