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    You'll be completed with Conquest Part One 
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    After finishing all the AL, and all the NL, accessible Missions in Conquest, two more Missions will unlock for you which require you to utilize the cards you have earned from Conquest to finish stat-based Missions which MLB 19 the show stubs need to be done in a single match. Every one of these Missions will provide you 5% progress towards the Conquest Program.

    After those Missions are finished, you'll unlock four Missions. Two are stat-based Missions that have to be performed in one match, and 2 Exchange Missions, one MLB The Show 19 participant Exchange, and 1 Souvenir Exchange. Complete those, and you'll be completed with Conquest Part One.

    While performing these, and Advancing them in the Conquest Program, then you'll also be unlocking rewards and cards along the way.

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    Great this is very nice thread i really enjoy.
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