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    New TERA Update Lets Players Fight Using Tanks and Airships 
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    En Masse Entertainment has announced that a new upgrade for their hit MMORPG, buy tera gold us , will soon be available today on the PlayStation 4. The upgrade is named Corsairs' Stronghold and will bring new advantage to PvP-centric players out there.

    Corsairs' Stronghold will comprise a PvP battleground for two teams composed of 20 players each. Yes, the game mode is going to be 20 vs 20, meaning 40 gamers will be duking it out at once. Teams will attempt to annihilate the opposing group's stronghold whilst defending their own, taking turns on who is likely to attack or defend. As an attacking team, players can utilize airships, tanks, or only fight on foot. Their intention is to fight their way to the center of their stronghold and destroy the other team's crystal from that point. The group on defense needs to do everything they can in order to stop the incoming siege. Corsair's stronghold will be accessible to par 65 players, the current level cap at the moment.

    In celebration of the launch of the new battleground, tera gold xbox players will have the ability to receive a complimentary pirate Eyepatch in their in-game parcel post if they login before May 15. Corsairs' Stronghold will be the first of contents for this month, also TERA will still be releasing several free events for your sport all throughout May.

    The upgrade will be completely free.
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    Gaming is the best way to celebrate the extra time and enjoy the special type of the enjoyment with the kids and the adults. The platform of discussion is about the help with resume by the using of tanks and the airships for the working suitability.
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