Upon reaching Level 18, I unlock the "Marbas that the Demon" Quest. When I entered the Demon's Doorway through the pass and Maplestory2 Mesos also being beneath Level 40, and passing through Marbas' Strolling Path to Marbas' Hiding Place, there wasn't any Marbas to be viewed at all. I've tried this on both buffed and "normal" channels, and with several personalities and they all led exactly the exact same way. It was totally different from that revealed in YouTube videos from 5, 6 years ago. Is there something that I did wrong?

Also, upon leveling up, I never have to spend any things in my Skills in any way. They look very weird to me as they seem to be all maxed out, and that I have 0 Skill Points regardless of how often I level up. I'm also unable to utilize any of the abilities despite being classed under Luminous. Can somebody identify and help me ?

Can there be a class guide I could refer to, that is up-to-date and (specifically) for your Luminous course? I'm playing through [censored the name] if this helps in any way. I am hoping to be able to get back into the game. My birthday in 2 days and I truly need to enjoy this few days with good MapleStory! I had been introduced to it with a friend. I didn't know that it was illegal.

I believe it'd be really cool to give shadower a skill that does this to control enemies. One additional thing I would love to grow this ability is that if you press on the ability again to prematurely end the bind, the shadow explodes into fragments that impale monsters and dealing damage.

How it works is simple: You can just bind 1 enemy (including bosses), and if it successfully touches an enemy, it could splash string to other enemies in half of the original attack array, binding up to 7 more enemies. Bosses only get bind for half duration btw. Monsters are in your control for 10 number of moments till they are freed or you could press on the ability button again to prematurely unbind monsters and deal large amounts of damage. Recommended harm % at approximately 450% damage * 5 lines and works with shadowparner. Hitting the skill button again early also adds remaining bind time as subtracted cooldown (300 Moments) at the speed of 1 second left of bind : 15 seconds of cooldown subtracted up to 150 seconds, if glancing duration is only 11 minutes. This is based on the very first monster you strike before it splashed to other monsters.

Hyper Passives could be inserted in the elimination of Maplestory items Explosion's Hyper Passive (that ability is long dead now with the direction KMS is heading with Shadowers).Req. Amount 143: Shadow Possession- Reinforce: Increases damage of Shadow Possession's Shadow Explosion Damage by +10%. Edit: Past damage growth was +20%, but I forgot that Boomerang Stab increases all Attacl Skill Damage by +25% anyways, which would make this skill slightly overpowered.Req. Amount 162: Shadow Possession - Cooldown Cutter: Changes ratio of 1 minute left of bind : 15 minutes of cooldown to 1 minute left of bind : 20 seconds of cooldown (up to 200 seconds reduced)Req. Level 183: Shadow Possession - Bind Duration Increase: Increases Max Bind Duration into 15 seconds, bind duration no more halved on bosses. (0 cooldown if this skill is used purely to spam the Shadow Explosion as a assault skill and not actually bind creatures) Or binding Monsters only become bound for 5-10 more seconds.