The Winklevoss twins’ Gemini has revealed its plan to spread its operation to the UK despite regulation uncertainties. According to The Financial Times, the strategy has been reviewed by various advisors Moreover, an application to the UK regulatory authority is said about to be filed.

The UK regulations stay awaiting for government’s decision despite a recent callout from legislators. Gemini is currently progressing with the launch of its very own stablecoin, which is referred to as the Gemini Dollar.
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Gemini representatives said that they would maintain their efforts to provide a high-quality exchange on a global scale.
Bitcoin price graph
Bitcoin price reduce by 1.44% on Monday, although it is still defending the backing. The digital asset corrected higher last week breaking above the resistance at $6,600 and $6,700. It came towards $6,800 but the trend retreated during trading sessions on the weekend. The ground was held above above $6,600 for the bulls, but the current bear pressure is likely to break this support area as it reaches $6,500.
Ethereum price graph
Last week the cryptocurrency recovered towards $250 from $195 (primary support). Buyers, although unable to support further upside movement, were guaranteed with an above-$235 earning. The $230 support appears to be strong enough to hold to the close of the session today. The immediate resistance is at $235
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Ripple price graph
Ripple was the best in terms of performance last week with the trading volumes and market capitalization surpassing those of Ethereum, giving its the second position in the market. It recently traded highs slightly above $0.7, and $0.51 at the moment. If the buyers push for a retracement above $0.55, they can get powerful enough to attack $0.60 in the medium-term. Ultimate medium-term resistance is at $0.70 but first, the support at $0.50 must be the same.