The European Football Federation (UEFA) has recently revealed the news of launching a new ticketing system based on blockchain technology. Now, people, especially football fans, are more curious about this news than the rumour of Lionel Messi quitting.

UEFA ticketing system

UEFA has successfully deployed its new blockchain ticketing system via mobile phones.

The system was first tested in May with 50% of tickets of the 2018 UEFA Europa League final at Lyon sold. The system had run smoothly without mistakes, showing the great potential of the system.

UEFA Super Cup in Estonia

After the "successful implementation", UEFA has extended the scope of application “to all of the general public” in Estonia for the next football match.

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They also made an official announcement of this.

“100% of the match tickets for the UEFA Super Cup soccer match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid held in Tallinn, Estonia on August 15 were sold using a blockchain-based iOS or Android application.”


The goal of a blockchain ticketing system is to make the ticketing process simple and secure. Using blockchain to consolidate the system means that ticket distribution will be safer and problems such as replication or duplication of ticket will be prevented.

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Technological development

In addition, UEFA said it will continue to develop and apply this technology to the ticket distribution system for future events:

"UEFA is looking for ways to make the ticketing process for matches simpler and safer - thanks to a safer new distribution system and preventing copying and counterfeiting of tickets."

Instead of the conclusion
I hope the efforts to improve UEFA's ticketing process above will boost the trend of blockchain technology development in this area.