Career Mode of a manager: the*manager leads his favorite team and takes control of its management and tactics, and helps the team reach its various targets.

Career Mode of a player: he will start his career as a football*genius, then struggle in football circle, and finally become a legendary figure. After the end of his career, he can retire or choose to become a coach in a football player mode.

Management of the team

Basic information of the team

After you choose a club, you can learn about its profile, expectation of the board, *transfer*budget*, value of the club, home*shirt and away*kit and the name of home football*pitch.

Expectation of the board and transfer*budget are the most important among these information.

Expectation of the board includes local achievement of the club, performance in intercontinental*match, brand*exposure, finance and the development of the youngsters.

Local achievement means the club need to win games at home. Performance in intercontinental*match means the club need to get excellent*result or qualify*for intercontinental match. Brand exposure is a content added in FIFA17 and FIFA18. As long as the club perform well, numbers of virtual media will rush to report.

Finance looks complicated, but actually simple. It mainly contains transfer budget and operation budget. Transfer budget is used to buy players from other club. Operation budget is used to maintain the operation of the club like paying players and employees salaries , youth*development and so on.

When finance is demanding, the club need to economize.

The club also needs to cultivate young*footballers. We can look for young*footballers through youth*development interface. But it will cost money, so it is necessary to make sure it is in line with the budget.

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