This is Raisin. She is a level 43 gnome Mage on the Proudmoore server.

I created her a few days ago to help me buy cheap WoW Gold cope with a horrible situation I am dealing with in real life.

Like many throwaway World of Warcraft characters before her, she’s been doing a bang-up job.

It’s doubtful Raisin will ever reach World of Warcraft’s level cap. She won’t go on raids.

She’ll never reach fast WoW Gold the upper echelons of The Old Gods,

which is the guild I joined on Saturday because I liked the name that popped up

when I received a random invite. I’ve got a high level Mage on my usual game server,

so I’m already familiar with WoW leveling service the class. That familiarity is part of Raisin’s charm. I take comfort in it.