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    How to fix Dell Printer offline Windows 10 issue 
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    Dell Customer Support Number

    The Dell Printer offline error is generally caused in case your pc software is being updated or when there's a hardware issue between your Dell Printer and the PC. Dell Support Phone Number. If you cannot recognize the origin of theoffline mistake you can call the Dell contact number and consult with a trained expert to help you work out the best solution for the malfunction. Dell Technical Support Number For Instant Help. You may also take a review of the solutions cited below to mend Dell Printer off line Windows 10.

    Solution 1: Check Printer Connection

    First thing you should do so as to resolve the offline error is to check the connection between your printer and the PC:
    Restart your Dell printer and check the printer link
    If You're using a USB cable ensure that cable is firmly connected
    Check if the United States port You're using is functioning or not
    In Case You Have a wired network check if the vent is working
    Make sure the connecting cable Isn't damaged or loose
    Verify that the lit up wireless icon on the printer indicates that the printer is attached.

    Solution 2: Split the Print Spooler Service

    Use the Actions listed below to restart the print spooler service and get the printer back on the internet:
    Open the run and then type "services.msc" in the search box
    Locate the Print Spoiler thing and check of the standing is'Running'
    Right-click'Print Spoiler' and restart the service
    Close the Properties window and assess if the Dell Printer offline error solved or no

    Solution 3: Add Another printer

    It is possible to make reference to the offered steps to specify a manual IP address for the Dell printer and also add a matching port in your Windows-10 device to fix the offline error.
    Navigate to the`Devices and printers' settings on Windows-10
    Right-click that your Dell Printer and open the Printer possessions
    Click the'Add Port' alternative and choose Standard TCP/IP Port
    Input the IP address of your Dell Printer and click on'Next'
    You should observe that this is only going to work if your Dell printer has been attached via'network'. If you need further assistance you may call the Dell customer service Number and also speak to a trained Dell Printer expert. Dell customer support phone number Provides Hassle-Free Solution. More info click Here.

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