1.Learn to control the goalkeeper

This year, you can actually control the goalkeeper by clicking on the right analog stick. This will allow you to move left and right, depending on where you think your opponent is going to shoot, and I think this is one of the most important skills you can add to your game for giving up finesse or low-driving Shots to finish.

2.Jockey with your defense

If you hold L2 on PS4 or LT on the Xbox, you can play jockey with your defenders. You do not really need to control your center-backs, and I'd rather control my defensive midfielder, someone like Kante, with whom I can manually drift from left to right. I think the AI is generally smarter than the average player, so I do not want to over-control my defense.

3.You do not have to go forward

If you have midfield, you do not always have to go forward. A problem in my game has always been that I think I have to attack, attack, attack. However, if you return it to your full back and change the game, attack on the other side, you can find more holes in their pages.

4.Use triggered runs as they pass

You can use LB / L1 to create a triggered run and RB / R1 to withdraw your player. I have two strikers, and I use LB to make an overlap between my attacking midfielder and one of my strikers.

Then I can beat RB to pull you back and allow a continuous ball in the goal. As a result, the defenders step forward and make room behind them. It's a bit complicated, but with practice you get used to it.

5. Use timed finishing

This is another aspect that is new to FIFA 19. If you run the shot perfectly timed, turn on the ball and then press the firing button again when you hit the ball, you have an increased chance of the ball going in. Get more accuracy and more power once you master that Most of your blows are used, unless your opponent knows how to control his goalkeeper.

6. Find formations that serve for attack and defense

This year they added Dynamic Tactics, so you can set up different tactics for different formations before the match. You can assign these on the D-pad in different directions to use them as quickly as possible in the game.

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