Teamfight Tactics will get regular updates and its own set of patch notes in time, but Riot will continue to address severe problem areas through hotfixes. Plans around the Riot offices are always subject to change, so neither the timing nor the nature of the planned updates are yet set in stone. Riot also took time to talk about Teamfight Tactics, noting that it’ll show love to the growing game mode between versions 9.15 and 9.19. Expect to see more balance changes and feature developments over that time.

Beyond what we’ve seen so far, Riot’s not telling us much about the new skins, although mission and events design lead Xenogenic says that the Project Event will come with a new event pass (and a prestige skin), similar to the Arcade pass that’s live in the game right now. There are 12 other champions in the ‘Project’ skin series, and now there will be some new additions. Previous champions in ‘Project’ skin series: Vi, Jhin, Ashe, Yasuo, Master Yi, Lucian, Vayne, Zed, Leona, Ekko, Fiora, and Katarina. Be sure to complete your ‘Project’ collection when these new skins become available in the store!

Following that first video, a second one Cheap LOL Riot Points was shared that showed off Irelia’s Prestige Edition skin. It’s the first Prestige Edition cosmetic for that champion as well as the first one for Irelia, a champion who’s consistently picked in both normal and professional levels of play. In the official "League of Legends" Youtube channel, the new "Outsiders | PROJECT: Reckoning" trailer shows a battlefield with robots under attack by something inside the smoke. One drone can be seen trying to retrieve its weapon, only for it to be attacked and pulled into the thick smog.

The animated trailer’s shining star was Pyke, who players got to see up close and personal right from the start. His skin preview shows off a blend of bright reds, oranges, and greys synced with a holographic-meets-mechanical style that matches what players expect from the PROJECT skin line. All-in-all, he looks incredible, and players seem pretty fulfilled with everything from his abilities to his recall animation.